Getting Started

Learn how to create your account and retrieve API credentials for your app.

Learn more about APIs

Register as a developer

Register your application

Learn more about APIs

Get familiar with the Developer Center before building your apps. 

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CareFirst is launching an API platform for the application developer community. It provides a list of products that our external partners and application developers can use to build the next generation of healthcare applications.  

Register your application

To register a new application, follow the instructions below: 

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  • Log in to your account. 
  • Click on the Manage applications card from Developer's workspace. 
  • Click on the Register application button. 
  • Fill in all required information for the application. 
  • Submit the form. Additional information may be requested by CareFirst. 
  • Once your application is approved for the specified API(s), you can view your credentials. 

Invoke APIs

Learn about the different ways to call APIs from your application and decide what best fits your needs. 

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Client Credentials


This is machine-to-machine authorization flow. In this case, the client is the resource owner and no end-user authorization is required. 

An example would be a cron job client calling an API to perform some function. The authentication is done on the basis of the access token.


Authorization Code


This flow is useful when an end-user needs API access and requires a user context. In this flow, a username/password will be used by the end-user to authenticate. Once authenticated, the end-user is redirected to redirect_url with an authorization_code. 

An example would be a user that logs into their CareFirst MyAccount and would like to view only their claims online.